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About Ava

Teeny Baby Ava

Teeny Baby Ava

My kids had been hounding me for years for a dog. Like a wuss, I finally gave in, but I did it MY way. Sneakily!

I found one interstate, and made a quick trip to pick her up. My God was she TINY. As you can see, the size of my slipper.

The kids were already home when I arrived with my little bundle, and I wish I had a camera for the impact! It was priceless! It took them a moment to realise that she was ours. 🙂


One very happy Samuel with a new family member.

She is the cutest, hyper, friendly, most social puppy ever.  She loves anybody and everybody, including other dogs. At Puppy school she was little Miss Popular with the other doggies, all of them way bigger than her.

She is the light of our lives. You haven’t had a morning greeting until you have been sneezed on by a pug, usually when your mouth is conveniently open.

Miss Ava's first Christmas

Miss Ava’s first Christmas

Now, I have always loved animals, and had dogs in the past, but there’s truly something special about these pug puppies that squirrels deep into your heart. I can’t decide if it’s the curly cinnamon roll tail, the soft chocolate eyes, the funny squashed face, the long tongue that’s usually more out than in, or just the fact they love to be wherever you are. On you feet, on your lap, on your head, wherever they can get to.

They are the biggest food monsters though. She’ll sit on your feet while you cook, just playing ‘how’s your reflexes?’ when you drop something. I joke we should have called her Hoover as she’ll eat just about ANYTHING! We still cannot find the lid off a highlighter she got to once, and it was decent sized. If left unsupervised she’ll eat cushions and couch foam, and occasionally her own doo-doo. I know gross huh?! Anyone would think we don’t feed her.

But I have never had a dog more loveable and one that attracts such attention wherever we go. She’s such a diva though and loves it all.

Her first bath

Her first bath

We gradually realised when she was about 7 months that she was developing a limp with her right front leg. Had she fallen off something? Been stepped on? She didn’t seem to be in pain which was odd  too.

A trip to the vet was the beginning of a close and regular relationship with some awesome vet staff!… TO BE CONTINUED.


Adventures of Ava and Beau- a pug couple!

So this is technically not Divorce related, but these pugs are the cutest dogs in the world, and a huge part of my life and my family.

Who doesn’t love a cute puggy face all mushed up with big eyes that’ll melt an iceberg? They’ll make you smile very day, even on the days you don’t want to smile. Even my ex almost smiles at them ( Ok, so maybe it’s because he’s Chinese and is imagining dinner?) .

So this is Ava when she was a wee pug pup.



And this is Beau.


Ok I may be a biased Mummy but they are adorable aren’t they?

The antics they get up to every day are good for a belly chuckle, they’re such clowns.